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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

What is The UK Phone Book?
The UK Phone Book is an online directory dedicated to providing details of more than 2 Million local businesses throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. It’s the one place where you can search for a business in your local area and be sure to get the results that are the most relevant to you. What’s more, it is updated regularly to ensure our listings are current and accurate.

How can I have my business listed on The UK Phone Book?
You can List Your Business for FREE by filling in our short submission form, simply fill in the required fields and send it to us for inclusion on our site.

I want to report an incorrect listing - how do I do that?
Please email us with details of the error using our contact form and one of our team will look into the matter and if found to be inaccurate the offending listing will be either updated or removed.

How do I improve the position of my business in search results?
A priority listing or a sponsored listing will improve the position of your business in a variety of ways including moving your advert to the top of the listings on page one.

How can I get a web presence without a priority listing on The UK Phone Book?
One of our team will be happy to discuss the various packages available to you from as little as £350+vat to create a website that reflects your business needs get in touch with us for more info.

How do I contact The UK Phone Book ?
Please click here to see our contact details.

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